AIANY Volunteer Disclaimer

Re: Design Corps: Small Business Reopening Network

  1. The New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (“AIANY”) has agreed to help facilitate NYCxDESIGN’s efforts to develop a volunteer corps of New York-licensed architects and New York-authorized architectural firms to assist NYC restauranteurs in reopening their businesses under the NYC Open Restaurants Program.
  2. AIANY is not a licensed architect nor authorized architectural firm, is not authorized to provide architectural services, and would not be providing such services as part of the design corps program or otherwise.  All services, recommendations, opinions, and other statements or information provided by any AIA members or other individuals or firms who participate in the program are their own and not those of AIANY.
  3. AIANY’s involvement in the design corps program is limited to inviting AIA members to volunteer their services to and participate on an individual basis in the program.  AIANY will not be vetting the AIA member participants, their experience, or their other qualifications to participate in the program, do not endorse any of the participants, and are not solicitating for-profit or pro bono volunteer work on their behalf.  Neither would AIANY be vetting the restauranteur participants nor matching, connecting, or communicating between AIA member architects and restauranteur participants.