Anti: Multi-Threat Hazmat Wardrobe by Regena Reyes

School of Visual Arts

MFA Product of Design

Project Name: Anti: Multi-Threat Hazmat Wardrobe
Project Website:

Anti is a multi-threat hazmat wardrobe designing against the fashion industry status quo. The purpose of clothing is to protect the body from harm to give the wearer a better chance at life. However, modern clothing does little to protect its wearers from heat and cold, let alone microbes, fire, and falling glass. City-dwellers are at a disproportionately high risk of unnatural disaster, from pandemics to terror attacks, due to the high population densities that make the potential loss of life during those events much higher than in less-densely populated areas. Modern street style, and the fashion industry in general, does not offer clothing that is both beautiful and protective. Anti designs against this paradox, presenting a capsule collection of garments designed to stand up against microbes, fire, and falling glass. Composed of Tyvek, Nomex, and Tychem, Anti garments challenge the definitions of fashion and protection simultaneously.