Design Day: Daily Sponsor

Your brand will be the category-exclusive Presenting Sponsor of an NYCxDESIGN Design Day of your choosing. Each Day will feature curated event tracks, thematic e-blasts and social media posts, as well as category-specific DesignTV segments.

The Day will be “brought to you” by your brand and you will be seamlessly woven into the daily promotion with dedicated placements, logo inclusion, and brand mentions.

May 2021

Your brand will receive:

  • Prominent ad placement in the morning e-blast of your selected Design Day
  • “Brough to you by” messaging featured in the morning e-blast and social media post of your selected Design Day
  • 1x dedicated social media post (IG, Twitter, Facebook) on your selected Design Day
  • Prominent logo placement on opening slide of NYCxDESIGN’s programming on DesignTV on your selected Design Day
  • Video commercial on pre-roll of NYCxDESIGN’s DesignTV programming on your selected Design Day
  • Verbal recognition by NYCxDESIGN host during first DesignTV segment of the day
  • Logo inclusion in house ads for Design Days in SANDOW Design Group publications
  • Curated event track for your selected Design Day “brought to you by” your brand and your brand event(s) featured within the event track of the day (if applicable)

Sponsor fee: $10,000