DesignTV by SANDOW: Custom Segment

Tell your brand’s story through a custom segment on DesignTVbySANDOW, an online channel with daily programming to engage the design community. In 7 months, DesignTV has driven 6.5M+ views and 30M+ impressions.

A conversation with your brand and an NYCxDESIGN editor to explore what sets your brand apart.

  • Your brand will receive:
    • The conversation will air during NYCxDESIGN’s Design Days on the thematically relevant day to reach your brand’s core audience.
    • Conversation aired across Interior Design, Metropolis, and NYCxDESIGN channels. Interior Design’s global audience of 9M+ offers unparalleled reach and Metropolis is uniquely positioned to deliver thought leadership to the A+D market.
    • Your brand mentioned and tagged in at leats 1x promotion of the segment on NYCxDESIGN social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
    • 30-90 second clip and full segment for use across your channels
    • Showcased as featured content on the day the segment airs on the Design Days landing page

Sponsor fee: $8,500