Q: What businesses are eligible to receive services? I am a bookstore with a coffee shop inside – can I receive services?

At this time, we are only working with businesses who function dominantly as a food establishment. However, other types of businesses will become eligible in the future. Eligible Establishments include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Restaurants with bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Other food service establishments

Q: Can I receive design/architecture support inside my business?

Currently, indoor dining is prohibited in NYC. The first phase of the Design Corps network is focused on getting restaurants re-open and ensure all open restaurants provide are safe environments for people interacting within the space.  We plan on providing indoor dining services and services for additional business types in the future.

Q: What is the format or type of meeting?

The NYCxDESIGN webpage serves as a directly to facilitate connection. The designers/business owners can connect and meet in their preferred methods.

Q: Who is allowed to volunteer?

Architects and designers must be individually licensed or employed by a professional firm. Groups or firms are also able to set up their own profile and can coordinate work within their team.

Q: I’ve signed up. What is the next step?

Designers are encouraged to reach out to restaurants based on area of expertise, geographic proximity, language preferences and other factors. Once a designer contacts a restaurant, the restaurant’s profile will be removed from the website. This allows designers to know who still has not been contacted and is need of services.

If the restaurant owner wants additional assistance from the architect/team beyond the pro bono consultation received, this would require a contract for services and a fee would be determined by the architect/team, in consultation with the client. There is no expectation among the architects/teams that pro bono consultation will lead to additional architectural services.

Q: Are the design services offered in other languages?

We anticipate that there may be differences in primary languages between the architect/team and restaurant owner. The owner/client can specify their preferred language and we will do our best in providing translation services.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about the service that are not addressed here, email [email protected]