Heterotopia of Remittances by Bridget Rodezno

Pratt Institute

School of Design, BFA Interior Design

Project Name: Heterotopia of Remittances
Project Website: https://prattshows.pratt.edu/2021/portfolios/a-selection-of-spatial-imaginaries-re-interpreting-manifestations-the-interior/

“WE LEARN CULTURE AT HOME” This thesis focuses on the home as a central agent of change in response to the remittance between the Salvadoran-American transnational identity. Here, remittance signifies the value of cultural currency by forming a multi-generational landscape of retraced rituals and reassembled emblems. Within the binary framework of the transnational identity lies cultural currency; emblematic objects and their rituals which have an accumulated notion of value that is emphasized by the variety that is produced by generational retracing/reassemblage. By activating an inclusive landscape from the analysis of homes of remittance that reflects the cultural milieu of today’s world, the thesis posits there is agency in how the home responds to generational, cultural, psychological and environmental issues in order to constantly shape design to re-examine contemporary living — edging towards a pluralistic view of intersectional domestic narratives.