Infrastructure Workbook: Jakarta Edition by Felitasari Rekso

Parsons School of Design

Communication Design

Project Name: Infrastructure Workbook: Jakarta Edition
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Infrastructure surrounds us, yet we don’t fully understand it. Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed to operate a society. From its definition, it can become a set of rules within a system or a game. That’s where a workbook comes into play. A children’s workbook is set up similarly to infrastructure, having frameworks for the questions and answers. The format also makes the topic accessible and approachable — reducing friction between what is known and the facts. The workbook investigates Jakarta’s infrastructure through twelve activities on transportation, communications, energy, waste, and water management. The activities aim to highlight issues, such as the many causes of traffic and the hidden gems of Jakarta, such as the colors of the signage— increasing awareness and encouraging change. Through better insight into the infrastructure, people would understand their living conditions better — becoming more critical of what has existed.