John Edelman

Fourth & Pride
New York, New York

Dear New York,

It’s been two painful months without you. I miss you.

I miss everything from the sounds and smells of your streets, to the inspiration of your museums, to the temptations of your shopping and especially the taste of your food.

I’ve spent most of my life deriving energy from your streets, almost stealing tiny bits of energy from every person I’ve come across until I’m so wound up that I want to stay up and never go to bed.

I miss that inspiration. I miss all the beautiful people and all the not so beautiful ones as well. I miss my friends who have been trapped inside their apartments for too long. I miss the long walks north and south, and east and west. I miss the sunsets on the West Side. I miss seeing people in person as well as, in all honesty, being seen.

New York still is one of the most exciting and motivational cities in the world. I take solace in knowing that we will soon be reunited.

It won’t be the same ever.  But in retrospect, New York has always been an ever evolving, ever changing cultural phenomenon.

See you soon!

John Edelman