Joseph Schwarzkopf

General Manager
Uribe Schwarzkopf
Quito, Ecuador

New York is an incredible source of design inspiration.  As architectural developers in Quito, Ecuador, we look to the great cities of the world to imagine the future of our metropolis, and commission the great architects of today to build it.  New York is where we connect with our partners like Moshe Safdie, Bjarke Ingles, or Bernardo Fort-Brescia, to name a few, to dream big about where we can take our city’s skyline.  The form and shape of New York, it’s energy, it’s creativity, it’s ingenuity, and it’s ever changing nature provide endless opportunities for us to find collaborators and to form new ideas for design in our city. – Joseph Schwarzkopf, Uribe Schwarzkopf

Joseph Schwarzkopf, Moshe Safdie