Leal Circular Skincare by Silvia Lambarri Mestres

Pratt Institute

Graduate Communications Design / MS Package Design

Project Name: Leal Circular Skincare
Project Website: https://www.silvia-lambarri.com/lealskincare

Leal was conceived and designed to bring a new perspective and differentiate this skincare brand from other existing brands in this category. The goal of this product and its packaging is to redefine how a brand can engage with and educate skincare consumers through interactive engagement and collaborative design. A focus on reuse, recycling, upcycling, and circularity are critical elements of this project. This natural face mask kit includes a reusable primary package delivered with the first order. This package includes a wooden storage box with an integrated mirror, mortar, and pestle, and five reusable tubes of upcycled food waste for the face masks that have been selected for their healing and nourishing properties. Additional facemask kits are delivered in test tubes which are mailed back to Leal to be cleaned and refilled.