NaviGrips: Navigation and Safety by Hector Brignone

Pratt Institute

School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design (MID)

Project Name: NaviGrips: Navigation and Safety

Bike share platforms like our beloved CitiBike have become rampant all over the world. They are an excellent way for people that do not or cannot own a bike or car to get around the city. What they are not excellent at is helping users to navigate through the city safely & confidently. NaviGrips is a proposed solution to fix this. NaviGrips is a haptic navigation tool that guides the user through the city with vibrations and lights. Users link up their phones to NaviGrips, set their destination, and go. Vibrations and turn signaling (much like that of a car) will not only guide the user but inform everyone around of the bicyclist’s presence and intention. Safe commute in the city is all about riding confidently and being visible – this is the goal of NaviGrips.