NYCxDESIGN, Redesigned

We are excited to introduce the new NYCxDESIGN brand identity, including a refreshed color story, wordmark, and typeface.

Since the NYCxDESIGN branding had remained unchanged since its inception, we felt that it was time to refine our visual identity to better reflect what we stand for today. We worked together with the New York-based design firm Design Minded to create a refreshed brand image. As we evolve into a year-round platform for design, our image has evolved with us.

As our color palette varied in the past, we decided to establish a consistent color story to help our visual identity be more memorable and recognizable. Our system is simple: three constant core colors, plus one changing (annual) accent. For our core colors, we selected black, gray, and purple.

Black and gray have always been close to the NYCxDESIGN brand; they embody New York’s elegance and mystery–not to mention the classic black-on-black fashion that New Yorkers wear so well. We also selected purple as it can mean many things–ambition, pride, creativity, and peace. Much like the festival itself, our purple is dynamic and vibrant.

Each year, an annual accent color will be selected to highlight the festival theme. This year’s accent color is Pantone 178; a warm, fresh coral that embodies the exciting new initiatives for NYCxDESIGN.

In addition to our new color story, the ‘X’ in the NYCxDESIGN logo has been simplified, and we have also added an outline version to expand creative possibilities. The lettermark may be used as an avatar, standalone element, or pattern.

For our new typeface, we have decided to embrace the local design community with Halyard by Darden Studio, based in Brooklyn.

We feel that these refinements better represent what NYCxDESIGN stands for today–a celebration of New York City and its lasting influence on design.