Signe Emdal

Curator and Textile Artist
Emdal Studio
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear New York City,

Your lovely people keep showing up in my life, again and again, enriching my world. “ Hello, I’m from NYC “, again and again wherever I go in this world. This year 2020 I was finally making my grand trip to visit all of my NYC people, for the first time in their home town. I even got funded for this travel by the danish arts foundation that instead, kindly allowed me to use the money for creating a digital collaboration with New York digital artist: Rebecca Lee.

New York. I’ve been in your ambience a million times through your people. They are such a big part of my life, I can’t wait to finally meet you in person and I send your city hope, love and big smiles from Copenhagen !

Take good care of my brother Kristian Emdal who is also an artist and lives in your beautiful New York city.

Love Signe Emdal

// Emdal Studio