The Breakout Grant Finalist: Clean AIR 1 by Code Lumen

From the start of the pandemic, new habits such as wearing facemasks, applying antibacterials, and practicing social distancing emerged to combat the virus’s spread. According to the World Health Organization, it will be challenging to think about having our lives back to the prior pandemic era until 80% or more of the global population gets vaccinated. International vaccination efforts are well underway, but it can take years to accomplish, especially in poorer countries.

None of the solutions named above are 100% effective at undertaking the pandemic by specifically killing the airborne SARS-CoV-2 in indoor establishments. This opened a new horizon of opportunities for products or services that could potentially help address the following global needs in the fight against the coronavirus: Reducing infection rate by the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. Keeping employees and customers safe during and after the reopening of businesses, schools, and other institutions. Multiple products and services have recently emerged claiming to help undertake the pandemic, but almost none actually make a significant difference. When businesses and venues start to reopen, CodeLumen feel that vaccination will not fully protect us from the virus. Therefore they sense a massive necessity for an efficient solution in the market. CodeLumen saw an opportunity to create an innovative product that can effectively kill the airborne virus, not just contain it. Under the same lighting umbrella, they decided to add their “grain of sand” towards the fight against COVID19, and created the CLean AIR 1 model, a powerful, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing upper air UVC solution.

It has been scientifically proven since the 1930s by many laboratories, research papers, and overall the scientific community the efficiency of UVC light for pathogens inactivation. CLean AIR 1 uses UVC light at a wavelength of 254nm to disinfect the upper air of a space up to 750 sq. ft by inactivating the DNA and RNA of virus, bacteria, and fungi. UVC exposure is also harmful to human skin and eyes. Thus, most UVC products on the market are not safe for occupied spaces. However, CLean AIR 1 is ergonomically designed to direct the powerful UVC rays upwards, creating a secure upper layer of UVC field away from direct human exposure.

CLean AIR 1 is installed 8 feet above the floor, making it safe for occupied spaces as per the CDC and NIOSH safety guidelines specified for upper air UVC fixtures. Moreover, CLean AIR 1 supersedes the CDC recommended safety guidelines by producing clean air 20 times per hour. This solution is therefore ideal for a wide variety of indoor high foot traffic applications.