WAIT by Peiru Guo

Parsons School of Design

Communication Design

Project Name: WAIT
Project Website: https://www.behance.net/gallery/116896221/WAIT-Slow-paced-communication-App-Design

We live in a fast-paced communication environment with text messages and video callings, communicating through texting a few words and one sentence with fast responses. Fewer people are willing to spend time waiting for answers in the process of fast-paced communication, so it causes the phenomenon that people don’t cherish personal relationships. However, keeping our inner calm is a communication attitude that we should hold. I hold a habit of sending postcards with my friends a few times each month to communicate our daily interesting things. I also write postcards when I travel and in some festivals to send blessings to my friends. We all enjoy the experience and cherish our relationship. Therefore, I want to transmit the concept of slow-paced communication under the fast-paced communication environment, making people value the importance of waiting in social communication through experiencing a hybrid of traditional communication with digital technology: digital postcards.