Names I Hate by Ye (Hikaru) Zhao

Pratt Institute

MFA Communications Design

Project Name: Names I hate
Project Website:

Names I hate explores name-calling, a common phenomenon of verbal abuse and personal attack. Name-calling is a negative experience that causes distress and is hurtful because it threatens one’s identity. The project is built on the results of a series of interviews with young adults about the experience of being called names that they hate and how that experience affected them. While the name-caller might dismiss this practice as teasing or joking, it is, in fact, a form of bullying and harassment. The design of stickers is based on each interviewee. It uses an approachable and playful visual language designed to communicate that tension between something that might seem innocuous but is harmful. The stickers positioning on the subject face illustrates the physical discomfort and harm of name-calling. Each sticker packaging has a QR code that leads to a video of the subjects talking about their experience.