Design Corps

Well designed Outdoor dining shed

At times, New York city agencies reach out to the design industry for assistance in problem solving in respect to the environment and an improved New York City. The Design Corps began as a network of volunteers assisting design-related needs that arose due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Below are a list and description of previous initiatives.
Please stay tuned for future initiatives, volunteer opportunities and resources.

Conversation Series

A variety of talks and discussions featuring influential New York City-based designers exploring topics of architecture, graphics & branding, landscape architecture, interior design, industrial and product design, digital & technology, urban planning and more.

Breakout Grant

The Breakout Grant jury, composed of distinguished leaders throughout New York’s design eco-system, carefully evaluated proposals to award viable projects and candidates who demonstrated a foundational commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability – three integral pillars to designing a greater New York City and world.

Small Business Reopening Network

Restaurants signed up to receive free consultation from design professionals who helped answer questions about improving dining areas, space layouts, and adapting to the new pandemic guidelines. Thank you to the below list of Design Corps designers that had volunteered to assist. We thank our members for their commitment to helping rebuild NYC during its moment of extreme need.