Ode to NYC - 2021

New York City is making its mark as one of the most influential design capitals of the world. Housing the largest concentration of creative talent, design studios and firms than any other metropolitan area in the world, the city’s renowned cultural, arts and design scene continues to set the tone for the global creative community. New York City’s design landscape encompasses over 60,000 designers, nearly 8,000 design firms and over 1,000 museums, galleries, and worldrenowned institutions. The city also boasts 10 of the nation’s best design and architecture schools, graduating twice as many design and architecture students as anywhere else in the country.

A New City in the Sky /
Elizabeth Von Lehe
Black Spaces Matter /
Ifeoma Ebo
New Harlem 2050 /
Toni L. Griffin
Without Traffic /
Paula Scher
Cosentino NYC Love /
Beautiful Future /
Amaurys Grullon
Resilient Diverse New York /
Home /
Julian Alexander
Our NYC /
Karim Rashid
The Future of New York is Made of Dreamers /
Ignacio Serrano Perez
Black Power Kitchen /
Ghetto Gastro
Our NYC /
Karim Rashid
The Future of Community /
Sloan Leo
Future Memory /
Rich Tu
I ♥ NYC /
Debbie Millman
Stitched Together / Liz Collins
It's Not Your Car... But It Is Your Boogie /
Practice for Architecture and Urbanism
Welcome Back NYC /
The Shade Store

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