NYCxDESIGN is driven by core values deeply rooted in community and creativity, always mindful of inclusivity, equality, diversity, sustainability, and regenerative design for the greater good of humanity.

Beyond its annual Festival, NYCxDESIGN’s year-round programming serves as a robust platform for the diverse spectrum of design talent found in New York City. 

Whether showcasing students, emerging designers, or highly decorated professionals across various design disciplines, our programs foster an environment for sharing, educating, learning, and uniting. The overarching aim is to address the pressing needs of our world with attention and care, inspiring the next generation to embrace design as a tool for solving problems and contributing positively to tomorrow’s challenges.

Enhancing Public Engagement through the Power of Public Art

Flatiron South Public Plaza 23rd St & Broadway, New York City, United States

Art within communal spaces holds a transformative potential, serving as a dynamic catalyst for community engagement. The COVID-19 lockdown underscored the significance of ample public areas conducive to fostering interaction and connectivity. Whether through visual spectacles, live performances, interdisciplinary installations, or immersive experiences, public art possesses the ability to redefine the perception of a space. […]