NYCxDESIGN is driven by core values deeply rooted in community and creativity, always mindful of inclusivity, equality, diversity, sustainability, and regenerative design for the greater good of humanity.

Beyond its annual Festival, NYCxDESIGN’s year-round programming serves as a robust platform for the diverse spectrum of design talent found in New York City. 

Whether showcasing students, emerging designers, or highly decorated professionals across various design disciplines, our programs foster an environment for sharing, educating, learning, and uniting. The overarching aim is to address the pressing needs of our world with attention and care, inspiring the next generation to embrace design as a tool for solving problems and contributing positively to tomorrow’s challenges.

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NYCxDESIGN provides year-round opportunities to showcase New York City’s vibrant creative community to a broad audience of design professionals and enthusiasts. We aim to highlight innovative ideas and foster connections within New York City’s dynamic creative landscape.


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Feel free to reach out to us to explore possibilities for featuring your work across NYCxDESIGN’s dynamic social, email, web, and print channels. Additionally, let’s discuss strategies to amplify the visibility of your design events during the NYCxDESIGN Festival and throughout the year.
We extend an open invitation to all members of the design community to curate and host design events as integral components of the NYCxDESIGN Festival. Whether it’s group exhibitions, open studios, public installations, talks, panel discussions, virtual events, or any other creative endeavor, we welcome your contribution to New York City’s official celebration of design. National and international participants are encouraged to join this inclusive showcase of design perspectives. Register your event here.

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Imagine a live or virtual panel discussion on a design topic of your choosing, a pop-up activation within your venue, or an installation in a bustling public space — among other creative formats.
A co-developed event would receive premier promotion across NYCxDESIGNs channels, and we would conduct focused outreach efforts to engage your target community. These co-produced events could unfold during NYCxDESIGNs annual Festival or at other strategic moments throughout the year. 
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