NYCxDESIGN is driven by core values deeply rooted in community and creativity, always mindful of inclusivity, equality, diversity, sustainability, and regenerative design for the greater good of humanity.

Beyond its annual Festival, NYCxDESIGN’s year-round programming serves as a robust platform for the diverse spectrum of design talent found in New York City. 

Whether showcasing students, emerging designers, or highly decorated professionals across various design disciplines, our programs foster an environment for sharing, educating, learning, and uniting. The overarching aim is to address the pressing needs of our world with attention and care, inspiring the next generation to embrace design as a tool for solving problems and contributing positively to tomorrow’s challenges.

Design Pavilion

In October 2023, NYCxDESIGN presented Design Pavilion in partnership with AIA NY and the Center for Architecture, in celebration of Archtober, NYC’s official architecture festival.

At Gansevoort Plaza, Meatpacking District 
At Gansevoort Plaza, Meatpacking District 
On the Podium, One World Trade Center 
→ Doors Open at 5pm
→ Talk Begins at 5:30pm
→ Event Ends at 7pm
Hanxiao Liu, principal, llLab.
Luis Ricardo, principal, llLab.
Tiffany Jow, editor-in-chief, Untapped, design journal
Hear from Hanxiao Liu and Luis Ricardo, co-principals of llLab, in conversation with Tiffany Jow, editor-in-chief of the design journal from Untapped, about how Bamboo Cloud found its way from the weavers in Shanghai to Gansevoort Plaza in New York City in celebration of Archtober.
llLab design studio originated in Stuttgart, Germany, is based in Shanghai and Porto, and operates within the fields of architecture, design, art, urbanism, research and development. The studio’s international work is renowned and focuses on using design as a tool to improve social and cultural life through various scales, from urban projects to micro-architecture or installations.
Event hosted by Samsung.

Samsung 837

→ Talks each day at 2pm
Daily Speakers
Michael Bennett, Studio Kër
Form Us With Love
NYCxDESIGN is honored to present the Public Display as a Design Pavilion in celebration of Archtober, the City’s architecture festival.  Hosted by Michael Bennett of Studio Kër, Public Display holds space for dialogue, stories of human experience, revelation, and introspection with a robust program of conversations focused on sustainability, repurposing, and the elimination of the world’s waste. October 12-18, 11:00am to 9:00pm daily.    
Join the series of conversations with renowned guests onsite. These gatherings promise to engage, inform and present a call-to-action for our industry and communities.
Saturday, October 14th • 2pm-5pm
Moderator: Boaz Katz, FUWL
Moderator: Michael Bennett, Studio Kër
Panelist: Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang, charliewhiskeytango
Panelist: Dierdre Shea, Fun Stuff Design
Sunday, October 15th • 2pm-5pm
Moderator: Boaz Katz, FUWL
Moderator: Michael Bennett, Studio Kër
Panelist: Ethan Martin, DCI ENGINEERS
Panelist: Kaija Woullet, reddymade
Monday, October 16th • 2pm-5pm
Moderator: Boaz Katz, FUWL
Moderator: Michael Bennett, Studio Kër
Panelist: Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, One Love community
Panelist: Ricky McLain, Softwood Lumber Board
Free and open to all.

Gansevoort Plaza, New York City, NY

→ Doors Open at 6:30pm
→ Screening Begins at 7:00pm
Terraforma  /2023/ 60 min / US Premiere
Partnered with ADFF: Architecture & Design Film Festival
Join NYCxDESIGN and ADFF for the US premiere of TerraForma (2023), directed by Laurence Durkin and Kevin Brennan. 
After a million years entirely devoid of life, the remote desert island of Ascension was engineered into a tropical paradise through a process of ‘terraforming’. By examining this unique scientific design process, TerraForma asks us to consider what transformation might mean for the fate of our planet.
The Architecture & Design Film Festival, celebrates the unique creative spirit that drives architecture and design. With a curated selection of films, events and panel discussions, ADFF creates an opportunity to entertain, engage and educate all types of people who are excited about architecture and design.

Samsung 837

→ Doors Open at 6:30pm
→ Podcast Begins at 7:00pm
Debbie Millman
Marjorie Guyon, artist
Roy Husdell, Chief Creative Officer, MadLabs
NYCxDESIGN is honored to present the I Was Here Project as a Design Pavilion in celebration of Archtober, the City’s architecture festival.  Hosted by Spireworks on The Podium of the iconic One World Trade Center, I Was Here makes its debut in New York City from October 12-22, 7:00pm to 9:00pm daily.    
Collaborative in nature, the ‘I Was Here’ project is a series of public art and public history installations that serve as a mindful, reverent, and powerful acknowledgment of slavery in American history and presented in a variety of mediums and methods.  
Explore the roles design and art play in cultivating public awareness, demanding the attention of communities at large to societal issues, and creating testament to honor the power, beauty, dignity and grace of those who were instrumental in building the foundation of our country.

Samsung 837

About Design Pavilion

Design Pavilion curates a captivating series of innovative, experiential installations showcasing the talents of both established and emerging designers, architects, and visionaries on a global scale. These immersive activations not only convey a powerful message of a sustainable future but also extend a warm invitation to the public to actively participate, learn, and delight in the experience.

NYCxDESIGN expresses special thanks to:

→Adrian Figueroa, SRAA+E, NY Architect of Record for 'NYCxDESIGN presents Design Pavilion'

→Erleen Hatfield, Hatfield Group, NY Engineer of Record for 'NYCxDESIGN presents Design Pavilion'