At NYCxDESIGN, our mission is to support, empower,
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2023 Festival Event Registration is LIVE!

We invite all members of the design community to organize a design event between May 18-25, 2023, as part of the NYCxDESIGN Festival. Register your event by March 15 for your event to be considered for inclusion in NYCxDESIGN’s press announcement!



As a non-profit organization, NYCxDESIGN organizes year round programs that create more equitable opportunities in design, provide platforms to promote important work, foster a diverse next generation of designers, and define the future of design locally and internationally.


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An Ode to NYC

Self-Guided Journeys

The Mic

Emerging Designer Residency

Design Corps

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New York City’s Design Community at a Glance

61,496 designers

1,029 museums and galleries

7,586 design firms

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